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Now Accepting Applications for Oma-DSA

We are now accepting applications for the June 2017 cohort of the Omaha Data Science Academy!

Nate Watson

The Second Class of the Oma-DSA has SOLD OUT!

The next Omaha Data Science Academy cohort starts June 13th. Beat the competition and apply early! Applications open on Monday the 16th.

Nate Watson

Guest post: Grant Stanley of Bric

Every week CAN will highlight a past or present CAN employee as part of a CAN alumni network series. This week we feature Grant Stanley.

Grant Stanley founded Contemporary Analysis in 2008. For 6 years he served as CEO and president before handing off the company to Nate Watson to pursue new ventures. In 2014, Stanley launched Bric. Bric is a managing software system designed specifically for creative agencies. Today we highlight a post on Bric's blog about the art of time tracking and the importance of the data it collects:

Nate Watson

Guest post: Eric Burns of Gazella Wifi Marketing

Every week CAN will highlight a past or present CAN employee as part of a CAN alumni network series. First up to bat is Eric Burns

Eric Burns is a former employee of Contemporary Analysis. In 2011, he brought on CAN's first international clients. Today he is the CEO and founder of Gazella Wifi Marketing, which turns restaurant guest information into a marketing tool. He continues to be an active member of CAN's alumni network.

Here are his thoughts on analyzing wifi marketing:

Nate Watson

Web Hosting is the first pillar of Web Analytics.

No matter what kind of website you are running, web hosting is the first pillar of Website Analytics. In this day and age, it is crucial to rank high with Google and Bing if you expect to draw organic traffic to your site. Many people never make it past page one--no one makes it past page two. It doesn’t matter if your website is a blog, an online marketplace, or simply a static landing page detailing what your business is and how you can be reached. The end goal is to create warm leads of people interested in what you are selling. How do we do this? By measuring who comes to the site, what they read, and how long they stay. But, how do you know your metrics aren't skewed by unreliable hosting? The answer lies in understanding the measurements. Here are a few things you should know:

Nate Watson

The Omaha Data Science Academy

CAN is excited to announce, in partnership with the Interface Web School, the creation of Omaha's first Data Science Academy (ODSA). 

Nate Watson

Spreading the Good Word about Predictive Analytics

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) is recognized nationally as a leader in the data science field and is regularly asked to "Spread the Good Word of Predictive Analytics" by presenting on various topics at conferences around the US.  In fact, CAN has presented at six conferences in the past 14 months, including:

Nate Watson

Merging Predictive Analytics and Marketing

Recently, Contemporary Analysis (CAN) was asked by the Indianapolis Business Journal to weigh in on how Predictive Analytics is changing the marketing space. We believe by combining predictive analytics and marketing, called contextualized marketing, marketing can move closer to the holy grail of one person, one sale.  Most companies do this by purchasing a software--it's dactyl, most companies have a line item in their budget, and it gives a third-party marketing company reoccurring revenue. While CAN itself doesn't have a piece of software to sell, we believe that contextualized marketing is the right move for companies and that those with the edge are "the ones using data scientists to predict who inside of a group of people have the propensity to buy.”

Nate Watson

Nate Watson named new President of CAN.

Contemporary Analysis (CAN)--A new president of CAN was announced earlier this month. Nate Watson, long time employee, Sr. Project Manager, and Head of Sales will take over for Grant Stanley, in early June. Grant said the lead change was a long time coming, “I am staying on as the Chairman of the Board so I can provide vision and strategy, but I am relinquishing the day-to-day operations to Nate.”

Nate Watson

Diapers, Beer, and Data Science in Retail

When asked for white papers or case studies on how predictive analytics works, I often give a few stories on how different industries use analytics to find patterns in their data and then apply that knowledge to their existing data to predict what future trends are going to happen. Learn about how we applied predictive analytics to politics. 

I get asked specifically about legends that roam the retail world:  the study that found that milk is the most purchased item so it is always in the back of the store, making you walk by everything thing else they have before you get there, the fact that women's shoes are always on the way to mens clothes, and the fact that bananas are at the front of stores because they are found to be an impulse buy.  The one that seems to get the most requests though is the one that men who buy diapers for their kids are most likely to have beer also in their carts.

It doesn't seem that far-fetched.


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