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Examples of How to Improve Your Customer Experience

What do you do with customers once you get them?  Many times customers are only contacted again at a yearly review or if they have had a problem.  This passive customer experience doesn't help you improve sales.  Your customers end up with a relationship with a customer service representative instead of you, their salesperson.  Why is that?  Why do we let customers that took blood, sweat, and tears to find and sell, be pushed to the back of our subconscious, never to reemerge? There needs to be a different way. Sales people need to inject themselves into the customer experience.

Predictive analytics allows you to use your data to find hidden patterns inside your customer experience cycle.  Using these patterns you can work smart to reengage current clients at the right time with the right products/services.  This will allow you to close more sales, more profitable sales, and even keep them from going to a competitor.

Grant Stanley

Why Customer Segmentation Will Improve Your Marketing

I have been married for almost 10 years. I have gotten good at buying gifts, even clothes. I can match blouses and jewelry, dresses and belts, shoes and jeans. My secret? I look at the mannequins. Mannequins were designed to attract your attention in a store window and to lure you into the store. Then inside, they are designed to show you some of the combinations you could make with their clothes. Essentially they are designed to get you to buy more than one thing. This is perfect for guys. All we have to do is point to the mannequin and ask a store sales person where we can find those certain pieces of clothing.  We can buy the mannequin lock stock and barrel and end up with a complete outfit for our brides.

Grant Stanley

Dashboard Design: Bullet Graph vs. Bar Chart

We invest a lot of time and energy communicating our research, because unless we can effectively communicate our findings they are useless.  When the goal is to communicate the most valuable information with the least amount of ink that can be understood with the least amount of effort.  For your reference, our major influences are Deirdre McCloskey on writing, Stephen Few on dashboard design, and Edward Tufte on data visualization.

Grant Stanley

How to Get Referrals from Clients

Referrals from current clients are completely different from referrals from referral partners. Getting referrals from your current clients require a different conversation, because they already know you, your product, and the benefits. One of the best I know at having the conversation is a friend of mine named Amy. She has developed a system that allows her to receive 10+ referrals per week from her current clients.

I asked her how she was getting so many referrals, when most people are happy with one or two per week.  She told me not to be satisfied with just one or two referrals. "I used to get only one or two per week until I started expecting three or four from each person.  Unless you make it a point, they don't know how many they are supposed to give you. After setting expectations clients usually just keep providing names of people that I can help, until I stop them."

Grant Stanley

Scaling 1 to 1

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Calming Irate Customers


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