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Rethinking why and where to network.

Its amazing when you have a target market how it changes everything you do. I realized a few weeks ago, some of the networking I was doing was not a good use of my time. The problem was not that there was a lack of good people there, but rather my target market wasn't there. It was time to adapt. All networking has an expiration date, but this was different. I looked at my sales philosophy, the one written on a sticky note behind my computer that tempers everything I now do, and realized I needed to change how I network. The sticky note reads:

Grant Stanley

Why Customer Segmentation Will Improve Your Marketing

I have been married for almost 10 years. I have gotten good at buying gifts, even clothes. I can match blouses and jewelry, dresses and belts, shoes and jeans. My secret? I look at the mannequins. Mannequins were designed to attract your attention in a store window and to lure you into the store. Then inside, they are designed to show you some of the combinations you could make with their clothes. Essentially they are designed to get you to buy more than one thing. This is perfect for guys. All we have to do is point to the mannequin and ask a store sales person where we can find those certain pieces of clothing.  We can buy the mannequin lock stock and barrel and end up with a complete outfit for our brides.

Grant Stanley

Contemporary Analysis: Testimonial from Universal Information Services

Universal Information Services enlisted the services of CAN to improve the measurable impact of our Google Adwords campaign and drive more relevant prospects to our website. Their approach seemed to accomplish our goal, but used a methodology that made the process both cost effective and easy for us to understand from a non-technical perspective.

Grant Stanley

Predictive Analytics — The Evolution of Business Intelligence

Predictive analytics is the next step in the evolution of business intelligence.  Most companies, even local small business, have already implemented business intelligence systems that help them understand what has happened, why it happened and what is currently happening.  For example, most small businesses have implemented Quickbooks and Google Analytics that allow them to report, analyze and display data about their finances, operations and marketing.

Grant Stanley

Why I Blog for Customers Instead of Fans

Grant Stanley

Zombie Marketing: Go from Infection to Infestation

At CAN, we love trying to figure out why things work or don't work.  This often leads to continuous experimentation.  I decided to unleash this post about Zombie Marketing because it is our latest marketing strategy, it is lethally effective, and, well, it’s about ZOMBIES!

Grant Stanley

Insurance Client Stories-Contemporary Analysis

Grant Stanley

How to Adopt a New System

I am biased towards systems because CAN builds simple systems to help people work smart.  The other day I noticed that a new employee wasn’t using one of our systems to complete his work. When I confronted him about this he responded, “I am not an systems kind of guy”, and my response what “No one is naturally a systems kind of guy.” I have never met someone that enjoyed using systems at first, because it feels unnatural or the person feels that the system is creating unnecessary amounts of work. All of this is true.


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