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Kelsey Sunderman

LinkedIn August Workforce Report

LinkedIn released their August workforce report today which revealed that the demand for data scientists has increased dramatically since 2015. Almost every large U.S. city has a shortage of data scientists in some capacity. This could be due to the fact that more industries are beginning to incorporate data science, from manufacturing to agriculture.  

To help with the shortage, Contemporary Analysis has a developed a solution to this very problem called Data-Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS). DSaaS allows a company to have an entirely staffed data science team in one day—no job descriptions, no hiring. Our team is experienced in helping form a vision around what your particular data science team needs are, and then has the wisdom and skill set to execute those needs.

Kelsey Sunderman

Good Visualization Example #5,345: Here's how America uses its land

Here at Contemporary Analysis we believe good visualization is the key to understanding data and making data-driven decisions from it.  We have worked with multiple companies (including nonprofits) over the years to provide valuable visualizations of their data, both at the macro and micro levels, to help them use their data more strategically. While technologically agnostic, we do recommend Tableau for those users who are either new or non-technical. We offer classes on how to use data visualization through our school, the Omaha Data Science Academy.

Kelsey Sunderman

Upcoming Events

August 15th: Data Manipulation and Management

Contemporary Analysis’ data science training program, the ODSA, continues its data science training classes with their next class, Data Manipulation and Management, beginning August 15th. This class teaches a student how to store and transform data specifically to be used in modeling. It will also teach database design, SQL queries, different schemas, data cleaning techniques, and data appending. The class will also introduce a tool called Dataiku--a data platforming tool used for easier data engineering and visual/drag and drop data science.

The ODSA now accepts the GI Bill!

Register here.

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Kelsey Sunderman

GI Bill is now accepted by the Omaha Data Science Academy

The GI Bill is now accepted by the Omaha Data Science Academy. Veterans, in partnership with the Interface Web School, can now use their GI Bill® to receive relevant tech training at the DSA

We want to help veterans jumpstart their career transition by preparing them with the necessary skills needed for a successful and profitable job in data science. Learn from practicing data scientists and get a leg up on college grads. 


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