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On Entrepreneurship, Risk and Uncertainty

Entrepreneurs live with risk and uncertainty. They don't have a choice. The future is up to them. They are responsible for their successes and failures, and success is never permanent.  Therefore, Entrepreneurs have to learn to handle the risk and uncertainty of having to be responsible for their company and employees.

I have been fortunate. I have spent the majority of my life as an entrepreneur. In fact, I have never had a "real job". I started my first real company when I was in elementary school, and sold it when I was 20.  I have spent most of my life focused on building successful and sustainable companies.  My early start allowed me to adjust gradually to the risks and uncertainty of being an entrepreneur.

When I started I had nothing to lose. I started a business because the people I knew needed a service and I had time. Gradually, the risks and uncertainty increased. In order to increase profits I started to take on more and riskier projects. They required hiring more employees, purchasing more equipment, investing more money, and taking more risks. Over the years, I have been forced to learn to handle the risk and uncertainty of being an entrepreneur, both in the good and bad times.  I have made and lost money, employees, and capital.

In good times, I learned to stay paranoid. In High School, after getting overly confident I learned the importance of Andy Grove's quote, "Success breeds complacency, complacency failure, only the paranoid survive."

Grant Stanley

Why Corporate Hierarchy is Important

CAN has experienced a lot of growth over the last 4 years. From 2010 to 2011 we experienced 508% growth, and in 2012, while we were focused on improving our infrastructure, strategies and processes, revenue still grew 166%. This growth has required a lot of changes. All of our employees have had to grow as leaders, technicians and businesspeople. And our culture, processes and systems have had to mature. I wanted to make sure that CAN is prepared for more growth in 2013.

To prepare I spent 2012 asking, "What do I need to know to grow my company from less than 10 employees to 50 employees?" The question was less about the number of employees and more about how to grow from a startup to an established company.

I knew that a company with 4 employees was different than a company with 50 employees, but I wasn't sure about the details. Books, conferences, podcasts, associations, coaches exist for people trying to start a company or run an established company. Unfortunately, I struggled to find resources about how to go from a startup to an established firm.

Grant Stanley

Use Email Signatures, They are Important

I get emails all the time from clients, potential clients, and people who want me to buy something from them. What constantly amazes me is the lack of email signatures. I know for a fact that all email programs allow you to make an email signature with your name, rank, email address, phone number, Skype number, LinkedIn page, web page, blog address, and business address. Why then, dont people use them? It can't be because they are lazy. Not having one loses you business.  After all, it is not always best to respond to an email with an email, especially when a topic is new, complicated or sensitive.

Grant Stanley

Why Jefferson Decided to Join CAN

Jefferson joined CAN before we had this blog, our website, our products, or our office at 1209 Harney St.  This video is about how and why he decided to join Contemporary Analysis.  He knew we had potential and decided to become apart of CAN's future and the future of data science.  CAN specializes is predictive analytics.  Predictive analytics involves collecting data about your business and customers, and then applying theory and math to build simple systems to help you work more effectively and efficiently.

Grant Stanley

Why I work at Contemporary Analysis

I get asked why in the prime of my career I went back to working for a startup company, run by young talent, in a field on the cutting edge of analytics.  It was because, for the first time, I felt like an owner had a vision I could get behind.  He wanted to be something better, do something different, and wanted me to help him create something magnificent.  I saw it as a unique opportunity because, for the first time, I found a true entrepreneur.

Grant Stanley

How to Build a Small Business Call Center

Everyday, the CAN team interacts with clients, mentors, and friends who are leaders in their fields, and we started this series to share their expertise.

Grant Stanley

Branden Collingsworth Joins CAN as a Data Scientist

Branden Collingsworth has officially joined CAN's team as a data scientist.  Branden interned at Contemporary Analysis this summer as a data scientist.  In December, he just graduated with an MBA and Law Degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  This is on top of a bachelor's degree in economics from UNL.

Grant Stanley

Job Board: Contemporary Analysis Navigator

Contemporary Analysis is a global data science company based in Omaha, NE that provide predictive analytics to multiple Fortune 500 companies and small businesses in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Contemporary Analysis is focused on making analytics accessible to companies of all sizes and industries, and offers standard products and professional services.

Grant Stanley

Grant's Interview with recently ask readers to nominate entrepreneurs and companies that they thought had a great idea or story to share.  Ali Schwanke from Leadership Resources nominated Contemporary Analysis.  Three Pillars Media produced this great video about CAN's product development strategy and the difference between small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Grant Stanley

Why CAN Choose Omaha, NE for Headquarters


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