Contemporary Analysis

Data Science

Tadd Wood

How to become a data scientist

"How to become a data scientist?" is an interesting question, because there's no real formal training as of yet to become one. Some universities are combining mathematics, computer science, and humanities classes together, but nothing formal has been decided in terms of a major or full concentration of study. Berkeley, Stanford, and the other greats have classes related to data science, but most classes are nestled within existing information technology or math departments. This is perhaps due to the idea that the position still isn't properly defined, and "data scientist" is usually a catch all term for people with a variety of skills - some that even tend to conflict with each other. Most hard math or science majors are 1+1=2, end of story. Humanities tends to look at the world more abstractly and realize that there is leeway and not everything adds up. Data science requires much from both of these.


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