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August 15th: Data Manipulation and Management

Contemporary Analysis’ data science training program, the ODSA, continues its data science training classes with their next class, Data Manipulation and Management, beginning August 15th. This class teaches a student how to store and transform data specifically to be used in modeling. It will also teach database design, SQL queries, different schemas, data cleaning techniques, and data appending. The class will also introduce a tool called Dataiku--a data platforming tool used for easier data engineering and visual/drag and drop data science.

The ODSA now accepts the GI Bill!

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Gordon Summers

2017 NCAA Tournament Round of 64 Upset Predictions

The Cabri Group / CAN Machine Learning Lower Seed Win Prediction tool has made its first round forecast! Without further ado:

Nate Watson

March Machine Learning Mayhem

Machine Learning and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Methodology

 <<This article is meant to be the technical document following the above article. Please read the following article before continuing.>>

“The past may not be the best predictor of the future, but it is really the only tool we have”


Nate Watson

Predicting the upsets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament using machine learning

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) and Cabri Group and have teamed up to use Machine Learning to predict the upsets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. By demonstrating the power of ML through our results, we believe more people can give direction to their ML projects.


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