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Grant Stanley

Missiles, the NBA and Predictive Analytics

Ask any Cubs fan. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Conventional wisdom in sports says that the teams with money to buy talent win more games. For example, The Yankees, they will always have the best talent money can buy. In basketball it’s no different. The teams stacked with expensive talent always seem to have the advantage. Well, they use to anyway.

A few innovative NBA teams asked themselves a question: How can we win more games against teams that have more money? The answer: predictive analytics and missile tracking technology. Yep, you heard me right, math and missiles.

Grant Stanley

How Big Data Can Bring Big Sales / Insurance Industry See Vanlue in Analytics

How Big Data Can Bring Big Sales: The holy grail of retail has been to anticipate what consumers need even before they realize they need it. ... Take printer cartridges, for example. There's nothing worse than having to print a boarding pass with the taxi waiting outside and realizing you're out of ink. Today, office supply retailers are able to track purchases of customers' in-store credit cards and rewards cards and, based on purchase history, anticipate when a consumer might need to reorder a product. Marketing can send an email offer for printer cartridges as well as an accompanying promotion for paper, with a guaranteed delivery time of 24 hours. (ZDNet)


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