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Grant Stanley

How to Build a Small Business Call Center

Everyday, the CAN team interacts with clients, mentors, and friends who are leaders in their fields, and we started this series to share their expertise.

Nate Watson

How Not to Introduce Yourself

I got to cross something off my bucket list this year, I was a pastor in a wedding.  Two of my really close friends got married and I had the honor of introducing them as man and wife.  It was one of the more unique things I will ever get to do.  However, I was shocked because I realized that how easy it was to introduce the newly married couple, "I now pronounce you man and wife", however it can be so difficult to introduce yourself properly at networking events.

Grant Stanley

Identifying Your Target Market

When I started my sales career, my philosophy was to let anyone who needed my product buy from me. It worked. I was one of the more successful young salespeople and I exceeded my quota month after month. My target market was "anyone and everyone", and it seemed to be working. However, I was unknowingly limiting my future success.

Grant Stanley

Why Networking is Important

In order to network effectively, it is important to be aware of why networking is important. Understanding why networking is important will keep you motivated and focused. As a networker, I know that it is difficult to stay motivated when you have to drive half way across town for another meeting, especially if you already know most the people in the room. Once you get there, it is even harder to stay focused on the work of networking instead of catching up with your friends. It has been my experience that salespeople either need to spend time finding people ready to buy, or spend time finding people who are around people who are ready to buy my product.  The second part is networking.  Unfortunately, most people do not use networking effectively.  My hope is that these 5 points in this post will remind you of the purpose of networking and help you stay motivated and focused on growing your sales through your network.

Grant Stanley

Contemporary Analysis: Focusing New Salespeople

New salespeople often struggle to focus on the right opportunities, and this often keeps them from meeting their quotas or closing unprofitable deals. However, new salespeople should not be faulted for their lack of focus, because generating an ever increasing number of opportunities is an essential responsibility of a salesperson. It is up to sales managers to focus their teams on the right deals. At CAN we use the following techniques to focus our inexperienced salespeople so they start closing the right deals as quickly as possible.

Nate Watson

A Simple 6 Step B2B Sales Process

The following is an introduction to the basic sales process we teach new sales reps at CAN.  Our 6 step sales process guides them from selecting the right prospects, making first contact, selecting your sales approach, your first face-to-face meeting, determining next steps, and getting the deal closed. I hope that it will help you build a reliable sales strategy you can use to close more deals. (Learn how we predicted who was most likely to enroll at a Top 10 Online University) 

Grant Stanley

Why and How to Develop a Reliable Sales Team

Every company has to have sales.  Most companies have a sales team, however very few companies have a true sales system.  Unfortunately without a sales systems companies are not able to sustain themselves during downturns or pursue aggressive growth trajectories.  The reason that most companies don't have a sales system is because there are significant barriers to entry in time, money and talent.

Grant Stanley

Reverse Your Sales Cycle: Research 1st, Present 2nd

The CAN sales team has been able improve customer satisfaction, close more deals and spend our time more effectively by adopting a 2 part sales process. Our process consists of qualifying our clients during the first sales call, and then returning to make a sales presentation if we think that the client will be able to benefit from one of our systems.

Grant Stanley

Zombie Marketing: Go from Infection to Infestation

At CAN, we love trying to figure out why things work or don't work.  This often leads to continuous experimentation.  I decided to unleash this post about Zombie Marketing because it is our latest marketing strategy, it is lethally effective, and, well, it’s about ZOMBIES!

Grant Stanley

Why and How Using a CRM is Important

As a business owner and sales manager, I have found using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) to be priceless.  Its designed to keep me from becoming overwhelmed by the exponential growth of my sales team and their prospects, deals and customer service cases.  While I have used several CRMs, including SalesforceSugar CRM and Zoho CRM, at CAN we use 37Signal's Highrise.  We use this one because its values align with CAN's values.

If you are building your sales team and sales systems, I recommend that you quickly adopt a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management System, because it will allow you to manage your company's most important asset, your customers.  As a sales manager, how you acquire and maintain relationships should be a top priority in developing your sales system. The difficult part is that no customer wants to be treated the same; every customer is different, Download our Case Study.  You need to quickly adopt a CRM if you can answer yes to any of the following:

  • Do you plan on writing personalized emails to your customers?
  • Is it important to you to remember personal details about your customers?
  • Do you plan on having more deals, customer service cases, contacts and customers than you can remember?
  • Do you plan on having multiple people working sales, marketing and customers service?
  • Do you plan on coordinating multiple departments, including sales, marketing, customer service and operations, in order to meet the needs of your clients?


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