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Use Email Signatures, They are Important

I get emails all the time from clients, potential clients, and people who want me to buy something from them. What constantly amazes me is the lack of email signatures. I know for a fact that all email programs allow you to make an email signature with your name, rank, email address, phone number, Skype number, LinkedIn page, web page, blog address, and business address. Why then, dont people use them? It can't be because they are lazy. Not having one loses you business.  After all, it is not always best to respond to an email with an email, especially when a topic is new, complicated or sensitive.

Lets say I want to call you back for an email you just sent me and you don't have a contact number on the email.  Lots of times, I just won't call back.  I know it sounds spiteful, and it partly is, but I just don't have time.  And here is the key, neither do your clients.  It blows my mind that people think that a potential client would actually take the time to: Google your website, then click on your website, then click on about us, then click on contact, only to find its a form to fill out and not your number (please don't do this), back click to the main page, scroll to the bottom, read the extremely fine print looking for a number to call you so that they can eventually give you money.  It gets even worse if I am on a mobile phone.  I don't care how much money you are going to save/make them, or how busy you are, email signatures are important.  Make it as easy to contact you as possible.  Your problems, the lack of time, sales staff or a call center, are not your clients problems.  They want to buy what you sell, so make it easy.

Please, take the time right now and send yourself a blank email. Could you contact yourself using that email?  If not, take the time to find the options menu, look for the signature menu and write your email signature. I  have included mine as an example:

Nathan Watson
Sales Representative
Contemporary Analysis
1209 Harney, Suite 200
Omaha, NE
w: 866-963-6941
c: 402-682-3203
Skype: thenatewatson


Feel free to contact, connect, or research me as you want.

While mine is exhaustive, your's doesn't have to be. But I will tell you,  no one can say they couldn't figure out how to get a hold of me. And as a sales person, getting a hold of me should be the easy part.

Until next week, Happy Hunting.

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